Zwiefacher Dance Patterns

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Dance patterns on the pages below are coded.  Learn the codes.

Three versions of the Zwiefacher pattern list are available, grouped by:

More information is in this Zwiefacher document.

Dance programs from 2010 Swedish Cultural Center Zwiefacher Dances.

Contact the author via email.

German Language

Franz Fuchs Music scores and step patterns, Austrian.

Volkstanzkreis Freising Step patterns, links to recordings and short mp3 samples, German.  Many tunes are indexed under multiple names.

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Enjoy over 210 Zwiefacher dance patterns

Listed three ways:

These are the documented result of a few decades of fun finding the recordings and figuring out the patterns.

Some of the patterns are obscure enough that you will need to listen to the music to understand the written patterns.

Many of the recordings below are long out of print.  Fortunately people still write new Zwiefacher tunes and record ones found in old music books.  Thus; your choice of Zwiefacher recordings is growing.

Tune and dance names

The tables contain two versions of tune names, the name used by this author and the name printed on the recording.  The centuries of Zwiefacher diffusion throughout the rural Alps, while the German language evolved, result in:

From the authors location, in the Northwest corner of the United States, it is very difficult to figure out any "best" name to use.  So consider the author's selection of tune name arbitrary.  The name selected is, if possible, one familiar to Zwiefacher fans in North America. 

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Zwiefacher Dance Patterns