Skandia CD

 Featuring these soloists:

Nils Agenmark, Anders Sparf,
Pål Olle, Gösta & Paul Bäckström
Fiddle, tracks 1, 16 & 25
Gunnar Hahn Accordion 7 & 29
Søren Nomeland Hardingfele 8, 11 & 27
Eric Sahlström Nykelharpa 22
Assar Bengtsson Träskofiol 23

Please note: To play the music on this CD on newer Windows PCs (with XP and Vista), you will need to turn off the Windows AutoPlay feature.  The Skandia CD contains both music and dance directions (as web pages).  When this CD was produced, Windows AutoPlay preferred to play music over displaying a web page.  But, with XP or Vista AutoPlay enabled you will see the web page instead, and have no music option.  This problem only troubles newer Windows PCs.

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Dance / Track Index Summary
Notes CD Liner Notes
Foreward Foreward to the Dance Directions
and Dance movement Abbreviations
Appendix A Explanation of Dance Holds
Appendix B  Glossary of Terms used to indentify Traditional Nordic Dance Rhythms
Appendix C A Few Words About the Swedish Polska
Appendix D Gordon Ekvall Tracie biography
Appendix E Skandia Music Foundation

Summary Dance Description Index

(This dance list uses the Scandinavian alphabet:  the letters å, æ, ä, ö and ø come after z.)   
DK-Denmark FI-Finland IS-Iceland NO-Norway SE-Sweden
2 Enkel Engelska English Dance Sweden set  2:18
3 Familie Sekstur Family 6/8 Dance Denmark mixer  2:01
9-10 Familjevalsen Family Waltz DK NO SE mixer  1:55
28 Gammal Reinlendar (see Reinlendar) Norway couple 2:36
19 Gammal Schottis Old-style Schottische Sweden couple  1:55
16 Gustafs Skål Toast to King Gustav Sweden set  3:18
1Gånglåt / Snoa Walking tune pivot NO SE couple  2:04
17Hambopolska Old Hambo-Polska Sweden couple  2:17
18 Hoijakka Ring Polska Finland circle  2:42
35 Hälsingepolska Polska from Hälsingland Sweden couple  2:03
7 Islenzkur Skottis Icelandic Schottische Iceland couple  2:00
22-26 Jägaremarsch Hunter's March Sweden mixer  4:24
11 Kryss-Polka Cross Polka N. Europe couple  2:00
8 Parisarpolka Parisian Polka Norway couple  1:47
21Pols / Rørospols Pols from Røros Norway couple 2:15
27 Potku Masurkka Kick Masurka Finland couple  1:56
28 Reinlendar Old Reinlander Norway couple  2:36
12-13 Seksmannsril Six Person's Reel Norway set  1:24
20 Sollerö Långdans Long Dance from Sollerön Sweden chain  2:09
30 Suomalainen Polkka Finnish Polka Finland couple  2:08
32Sønderhoning Sønderho Dance Denmark couple  2:35
18 Trindpolska (see Hoijakka) Finland couple 2:42
5 Ti-Ti-Tyy Jenkka Birdcall Schottische Finland mixer  3:59
14 To Ting Two ThingsDenmark couple  1:24
15 Tosingadansen Good Humor Dance Sweden mixer  3:09
4 Totur II Two-Figure Dance Number 2 Denmark set  1:46
29 Trekant fra Horsens Three-Corner Dance from Horsens Denmark set  2:31
6 Trommelvalsen The Drumming Waltz Denmark set  1:52
31 Vikboland Fyrpolska Four Person Polska from Vikboland Sweden set  2:39
33-34 Åttetur fra Asker Eight person dance Norway set  2:10

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